Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just a little note

I am so mad ... I wrote an entry and it got deleted!!!! GRRR ...... So here is the short version of what I wrote!!!


I scheduled my drivers exam for november 29th and rescheduled it for this Thursday at 8:30am!!!!

I am so excited!!!

I will write an entry and let everyone know what happens!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007



I can legally drive now!!!!




I am so exicted that I almost cried when the guy handed me it!!!


My life is onto bigger and better things!!!! :)

Pray that I will be able to get my license within the next month!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

My life is spiraling out of control

Sometimes I think that my life is FINALLY coming together ....

then it is grabbed from me quicker than I can realize it!

I thought getting a second job was going to get me somewhere!

I have gotten a lot of furniture for my apartment and paying on my bills!

But my goal was to save it!

I need to open a savings account then I will be okay!

I got a raise at pagoda!

But here comes the kicker ....

I still have not gotten my permit because the day I was to go for it I realized the night before that I really do have the dumbest mother (and her boyfriend)!

My dumb A** mother decided to laminate my birth certificate and social security card ... and you are not allowed to .. and PennDot (the DMV) will not accept it! So I was not going to be able to get my permit!

So I got a new social security card but am waiting for a new birth certificate (which will take sometime since I was born out of state)! And I had to wait to find out where my mom was born b/c I didn't know and I don't talk to her so I had to wait for other people to ask her and get back to me! Plus I was not sure what county I was born in!!!


Because then I also realized that I needed a physical and have my doctor fill a form out!

So I had to wait FOREVER for her to fill it out and now I never have time to go pick it up!

So I have been practicing driving but no permit!!!

I am starting to get discouraged about my license and car!

I have not drove in the rain, snow (obviously), or tried to parallel park.

I am beginning to think I will never get ANYWHERE in life!