Monday, March 26, 2007

Working It Out!!!!!

So I have not really updated all of you lately ....

I decided that I really have not given Kori the opportunity to prove himself to me ...

I had been really moody and pushing him away!!!!

Yet he stood by my side and called me EVERYDAY or at least text me!

Even if I didn't answer for 3 or 4 or 5 days ...

he still called!!!!

He really showed me that is he so different from the guys I am used to!

I am not used to a guy showing me how much they really care about me!!!!

I mean look at the last JERK!!!

It was always about him!

I always had to compliment him when I hardly got compliments!!!!

This is so different for me!

So anyways ....

back to the one that matters ...


I mean for him to even still try after the one day he came over and I was really rude to him, that shows me he is in the a real relationship

he has even said things about us being together! :)

I think that maybe that will happen soon!

Which makes me even happier!

He is spending the night tomorrow night, so maybe we can talk about it then!

Gosh he really has me strung I guess you could say!

And I like it :)

He brings a smile to my face like no other has!

I really enjoy his company too!

When I saw him Saturday (after us not talking for almost 2 weeks) it felt new again and I could barley look him in the face!

it was really good seeing him too

when my key sales associate came back from her break Kori and I went upstairs and took like a 15 minute break and talked, it was really nice!

I can't wait to see him tomorrow ...

I can't wait for him to put his arms around me and just cuddle

I know you all don't want to hear me talk about all this ....

so I'll end it here! :)


A survey!!!!

1. How old will you be in 10 months?

2. Do you think you'll be married by then?

3. What do you look forward to most in the next 3 months?
Going to see my girl Jessie

4. Who was the last person you called?

5. Who was the last person to call you?

6. Do you prefer to call or text?
Depends on the situation

7. Do you have any pets?
1 cat ~~~ my baby Cookie

8. What were you doing at 12am last night?
getting ready for bed

9. Are you parents married/divorced/septerated?
separated (since I was 5, and STILL not divorced)

10. When is the last time you saw your sister?
I have no clue ... I HATE HER!!!!!!!!! 

12. How many states have you lived in?

13. How many cities/towns have you lived in?

14. Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?
bare feet or thong flip flops

15. Are you a social person?

16. What was the last thing you ate?
mint chocolate chip ice cream

17. What is your favorite ice cream?
chocolate chip cookie dough and mint choc chip

18. What is your favorite dessert?
Apple Dumplings

20. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwiches?
None .. I HATE PB&J sanwiches, and I HATE jelly

21. Do you like coffee?

22. How many glasses of water a day do you drink on average?
definitely not enough

23. What do you drink in the morning?

24. Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?
someone else

25. Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?
yup the left

26. Do you know how to play poker?

27. Do you like to cuddle?

28. Have you ever been to Canada?

29. Do you eat out or at home more often?
at home

30. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?
yup but don't talk to them anymore

32. Do you speak any other language?

34. Have you ever been in an ambulance?

35. Do you prefer an ocean or a pool?

36. Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?

37. Do you know how to drive a stick shift?

38. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?
candles & other stuff to make my apartment smell nice :)

39. Do you wear any jewelry 24/7?
DUHHHHH! If you knew me, you knew the answer to that question!!!!!

40. What is your favorite TV show?
Deal Or No Deal, Medium, The Kings Of Queens, and many more

41. Can you roll your tongue

42. Who is the funniest person you know?
Lisa & her kids

43. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

44. What is the main ring tone on your phone?
Beyonce ~ Upgrade U

45. Do you still have clothes from when you were little?

46. What is the color of your bedroom walls?
Off white (funny thing about this is when I was reading the person that I got this from, I looked at my walls to see what I really wanted to call it and there was a bug on my wall from having the patio door opened EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!)

47. Do you shut off the water when you brush your teeth?

48. Do you sleep with your closet doors opened or closed?
opened in my bedroom .... the other 2 closets in my apartment are ALWAYS closed

49. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of killer bees?
Killer bees I think ... A bear can tear your skin apart and I don'tthink I want to feel that

50. Do you flirt alot?
yes, I'm BAD! Especailly since I have become conceited! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Men just never cease to amaze me!

They sure think that I am the one for playing their games!

When I say I don't play games, it means I DON'T PLAY GAMES!!!!!!

I don't care how much I like you or what you have to offer, I don't want to be treated like crap!!!!!


Materialistic things don't mean that much to me!!!!

You can have a car and want to buy me a car that don't mean SHIT to me!

You can want to buy me diamonds that fill a mansion ... I DON'T care!

I want love and a REAL relationship!

I am not a kid anymore ...

the big fancy things don't mean jack to me ....

so stop rubbing those things in my face, cuz I once survived w/o them and I will continue to survive w/o them! : 4,000 Graphics and Pics

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Life

I try to believe that not all men are the same ... but the ones I seem to encounter are! Why? What is it about me? Is there something I am doing wrong? Oh well, I will remain happy, I will continue to let God guide me through life and it's experiences! Nothing will bring this true beauty down! I am a smart successful beautiful young woman and NO MAN, I repeat NO MAN will bring me down. I will continue to stay on top of my life and remain happy! I will continue to let guys know that Theresa is not the Bitch for this drama .... just like the haters that always follow EVERYTIME (it never fails) I start talking to some new guy! I can say I am very thankful that I am not easy to get into bed, cuz it makes it so much easier to stop talking to a guy! It makes it the easiest thing to just stop answering the phone, to stop calling them, to stop caring about them, to stop liking them, to stop being giddy when they call! I have been through a lot in my life, I am not trying to say no one else has had it hard or not even that they have not had it harder than me, cuz I know everyone has tough times and I know there are a ton of people that are going through the times that are worse than mine! But just because I have been through a lot in my life I will not let that make me a depressed person EVER again! I once was lost but now I'm found! I have been on the depressed side of the world and let me tell you it's NO fun! All I did was cry and think about how I hated life. How I thought that I was being punished for something. But then I realized it's just that God is doing this for some amazing reason that I have yet to see, but will eventually! It's amazing how you put your life into Gods hands and he just takes care of you!

I hate being single but at the same time, I like knowing that I am making a wise decision in finding the right guy! (thanks to my last real relationship with a guy, even though he was not my boyfriend and we were just dating for 8 months, I guess that's what you call it) I am 22 years old and I have a full life ahead of me ... I will find happiness if God intends for me to have it ... until then I am happy where I am today! My life has done a 360 and I owe it all to God! I may not be a huge church person but I can tell you I believe in God and I believe in miracles, and I definitely believe that he listens and answers our prays and he does it all at the right time! God always knows what is best for me! I may not have the fancy car, or shit any car, but you know what I have so much more! But I like to think that it's because I am a strong person and independent enough to be one of the people in the world that is strong enough to survive without it! To me it is just another materialistic piece for everyone to show boat! I am not a show boater! Because I remember when there was a time that I didn't have all that I have today! Now I did have to bust my ass to get all that I got today, don't get it twisted! But I sure damn deserve it! And believe me when I say, NO ONE HELPED ME WITH WHAT I DO HAVE! I have a best friend that helped me emotionally be strong enough to do what I did .... but not  a person handed me furniture when I got my new place, handed me money ... NOTHING! Everything in my apartment I paid for, unless it was a b-day gift or x-mas gift ... I did recently get a few housewarming gifts ... but don't get it twisted ... so let me rephrase that 98% of the things in my apartment I Paid for! I don't have that family that helps you move, gives you money, buys you furniture for your first place,  or even says "I'm really proud of you. You have been through a lot and you still continue to be successful!" My family NEVER, I mean NEVER praises me on anything I ever do, instead they put me down and try to make something bad come of what I do have! (jessie you better tell them, I ain't no joke) If you only knew half of my childhood you might understand! (Some of you do know, and you know I was literally put through hell) But I am a strong woman and I will come out on top! Don't be surprised if you see me on one of the ugliest days outside and I am still smiling .... why? Cuz I have so much to smile for! I am happy with what I got, whatever God intends for me to have, I will have! If he doesn't think I need it, then I will not have it and I will not question him about it!

Like I said before, I may not have the fancy car or even the fancy house or the cute boyfriend/fiance/husband (or a guy at all) ... but you know what I do have ....

1. A great job! How many of you can honestly say you love your job? How many of you can say that you enjoy going to work everyday? (Now I have my days don't get me wrong where I don't want to be there but that's usually b/c of me working inthe middle of the mall and we sure are the center of attention at ALL times)

2. The best friends any person could ask for! I mean I have the best support team there is! I may not have family like most or all of you, but I have friends that make up for it!

3. The top 2 best friends ANY girl could EVER ask for! That's right I'm talking about you Lisa (well and her 2 kids and mom) & Jessie! These two girls have been amazing to me! When I needed something ... they are there ... no questions asked!

4. I have a beautiful apartment out of the city!

5. My cat, Cookie (ha ha, I'm a dork for saying that but he is like my kid)

6. I am a beautiful woman (yes I'm conceited .... but I got a reason, LOL)

7. I am a successful woman

8. I am a strong woman

9. I am able to be happy being single (this used to be a real struggle for me, I did it, but cried all the time about it, now I know that I can survive without it)

I mean I could go on ... but I'll stop there! So because I have those things I am happy with where I am!

I'm telling you God has put my life in an amazing place the past few months!

So as for the haters, when you hate you are making me famous and feel important! Having haters makes me feel even more conceited! And like Kyatt Williams says "Everyone needs haters, if you got 20, get 20 more! The more the better!" So keep hating but don't be mad when I don't hate back! I am not going to hate back b/c you are not worth it and I am not trying to make you famous or feel important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I understand HATERS WILL ALWAYS HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Addicted To Taking Pictures Now!

First of all let me just say I still can not get my alerts fixed!

I don't know what happened to them,

They have been like this ever since I moved!

I don't know if it's b/c I was not checking my e-mail for almost 3 months!

Heck I dunno!

So Please leave your link below and I'll just have to save everybody in my favorites and check daily for new entries!

And if you know of anyone that reads my journal please tell them to come leave their link in my comment section so I can save it!

I would greatly appreciate it!


Here are some pictures I took tonight ...

I was bored! AGAIN! Can ya tell? LOL!



Now do NOT laugh at me .... I went shopping in the mall today cuz we were so slow cuz of the snow ... when my assistant came in I looked at her and said, "I'm going to take my break be back in a little!" DAMN Icing! They always get me! I go in here cuz they always have the cutest costume jewelry ... well as soon a I walked in I seen a whole rounder full of headbands and headwraps ... they are my latest addiction .... Then they were on sale ... that made it even worse for me! They was so many I liked but didn't have anything to match, so I only bought 4 headwraps! They didn't have the headband I have been looking for! :( But anyways, I saw this cute little chair and I asked the sales person if it was for your cellphone and she said it was and I just had to have it! I thought it was so cute! They have 2 other colors I want ... well I would take one or the other really! I want the brown or the green! He he he ! I am so bad!


Here it is with the cellphone in it! Tell me it's not cute ....... and I'll come through your screen and hit ya! :) LOL J/k!









Well there they are!

More pics of me! :)

I can't help it ...

maybe if I had a life I would not have to take pictures of myself and Cookie all the time to kill time!

Oh well

I love my life just the way it is!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pics And Update!

Well I have some new pictures for you to look at ....

And I have some news for ya ....





I look high as hell in this picture! :) I'm not I swear! I do not do drugs! I get high off of life!


The angel charm I am wearing today in this picture is the one I bought to represent Alicia (for you new readers .... it's a friend of mine that passed away almost 2 years ago!) I also have a ring that looks just like this angel except it has a black onyx behind the angel!








Okay there are the pictures ....

now for the news ..

well it's more like an update I guess ...


I have been thinking today of how to tell Kori I am not interested in him anymore .....

and I've been thinking maybe I should discuss a few things first ....

Then decide if I am still not interested!

He won't tell me where he lives ...

I've asked and he wouldn't tell me ....

does he have something to hide?

I dunno, but I'm not about to find out!

I do want to tell him that he has chaged and Theresa ain't all for the new changes!

I already told him I'm not into playing games ...

I am a grown ass woman and I don't need this drama!

I have been talking to this guy named Eric ....

he seems sweet!

And yes ... both Kori and Eric know about each other ..

I have nothing to hide ...

I'm not playing anybody cuz neither of them are my boyfriend!

They are both just my friends ...

Making decsion making hard for me ...

up until today!

When one did something they did ...


Theresa is not about to be a back burner chick!

I need to kno that I am the ONLY one!

We shall see what happens ...

I might just stop tlaking to both and go for a new search again!

Hey I am happy making sure I make the right choice!

Well I guess that's really all ......... : 4,000 Graphics and Pics

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm SOOOOO In Trouble For This!



I could not have named this entry any better!

What I am about to do WILL get me in trouble LATER!

But hopefully I won't get caught right away ...

Hopefully it will be after the person it involves is so attached they won't care about what I'm about to do ....

I'm really loving stringing you guys along too ...

This is fun ...

Okay enough is enough .....

I was online talking to my girl from high school, Jessie, (we just got back in touch like last week, I called her for her b-day and we have been talking since ... waving to Jessie, I see you) and well she just like all of you has been asking for a picture of Kori!

Well he was talking to her on the im (instant message) as well ...

So he knew she was asking ...

Well he didn't want me to take his picture ...

He says he will do family photos but he doesn't like to take random photos ...

I told him we will work on that!

So needless to say ....

I eventually captured 3 pictures of him .....

(Man I am in SOOOOOOOOOO much trouble for doing this)

He knows I am ALL OVER the internet ....

I have a myspace, yahoo, Aim, etc.

I told him I have a journal but I don't think he pays too much attention to that ...

He pays attention to me being on myspace and always talking to someone ....

He told me tonight that I BETTER NOT put his picture anywhere on the Internet ....


I forgot! :) (As I sit here doing my evil laugh)

I told him that was not fair ...

He asked why not I told him it was b/c I wanted to share him and show him off ...

He said I could just introduce him to everyone and not post him on the web where the whole world could see him ...

I told him it would be on my myspace page and my journal ...

In which BOTH are PRIVATE ...

So only my friends could see it!

I told him he would just be posted up in MY world, not the WHOLE world!

So hopefully by the time he finds out about this he will be so addicted to me and my loving (SO NAUGHTY, SORRY) that he will just shrug it off!

So without further blabbing on ....


He was sitting here at the computer talking to Jessie! (waves crazily ... I know you are reading this ... LEAVE ME A COMMENT DAMMNIT!)


This is the one I will mostly get in trouble for ..... I was trying desperately to get a picture of him with his whole face and he was standing there saying something stupid about taking a picture for Jessie while he plays with his boobs and I told him no and I snapped before he was feeling his boobs, but you know digital cameras are slow so it caught him playing with his boobs being stupid!


This was the last one that FINALLY I got a good one snuck in, he didn't think I caught it either! HA HA HA!


So now I am in SOOOO SOOOO SOOOO much trouble for this ....

I hope all of you appreciate it!

I mean hopefully he never sneaks up on me while I am on the computer and he sees he is in my ONLINE journal.

He said he didn't want to find his picture posted on the Internet, but this is private and he doesn't know my screen name, journal link, who my journal is through, or anything, so hopefully I will be ok!

If he does see this ...

This is to you Kori ....

Sorry baby, I had to do it ...

You are just so damn sexy I couldn't resist showing you off to my people that know me oh so well ...

I couldn't keep you hidden ...

They wanted to see you!

So I had to show them!

I had to show them how sexy you are and how much I love you being in my world!

You sure mean a lot to me already ...

You showed me a side of men that I have not really gotten to see before and for that ...

I could never thank you enough ...

I really hope what we have stays forever and that we make something beautiful of it!

Besides like I told you tonight most of these people that read this live all over the world and to visit all of them just so they could see you in person could take forever ...

It was much easier to just share your beautiful smile via the Internet with a picture of you ...

We WILL work on the random picture thing!

We both have compromises that we need to make ...

And this will be yours, we already know mine!

PLEASE! Don't be mad at me baby!

I had to do it!

I had to show the world how much I appreciate your presence!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rough Start To The Weekend!

Well yesterday started out good ...

one of my friends called and woke me up at 7:30am to tell me she got out of jail ...

she had been in there for 14 months ...

I didn't even know she was in there until she had already been in there for about 10 months after she got there ...


I told her I couldn't believe she got into trouble!

She told me what she did, then I was really mad at her!

(it's not my business to write in here what she did)

So I cried reading her letters almost every time ...

I knew she knew better and she could do better!

So needless to say I was so happy to hear her voice telling me she was out!

I had not heard her voice in almost a year and a half!

She couldn't call me while she was in jail b/c of me not having a house phone, I only have a cell phone!

But when she first called me I was so out of it, I didn't hear what she was saying or know who it was (I never saw the number before) ...

I thought the person was mocking me and playing games so I got frustrated and hung up on her ...

hey I didn't know!

So she called me back and I declined her call and sent her to my voice mail ..

she left me a message cursing me out!

"HOW YOU GONNA HUNG UP ON YOUR BIG SIS! WAY TO SAY HELLO TO ME ON MY FIRST DAY OUT!" .... blah blah blah (she kept going on)

As soon as I realized who it was I jumped up in my bed and screamed ...

I called her right back and almost started crying ...

she was ALWAYS an amazing friend to me ....

hence why we call each other sisters!

(Weird part about that tho is I met her through my BLOOD sister ... my sister is bi ... and she used to be my sisters girlfriend ... now she hates my sister just like me ... I always told her to leave my sister cuz my sister didn't deserve her .. my sister is a hoe ... and much much more, she treated my friend like crap)

so we tal on the phone for over an hour ... even while I started getting ready for work! :)

We had a lot of catching up to do!

So that was good ...

then I walked in the door to work ....

and it was now over!

It began to turn into crap!

My assistant called off and she didn't even sound sick .. I will not get into that right now though .. she REALLY pissed me off too!

Well then the other girl is complaining she needs more hours so I called her ... NOPE I CAN'T COME IN!

The one girl that works at Lisa's store is also complaining about hours, so I called her ... NOPE I AM GOING OUT TONIGHT, AND WE ARE DOING STUFF RIGHT NOW TO PREPARE TO GO OUT!

So needless to say I had to work a double shift!


My feet were throbbing by the time I got home b/c I decided to try to look cute yesterday and wear heels!

Oh yea, I was feeling it by the time I got home!

Plus I was supposed to get my brother last night for him to spend the weekend ...

So I was extremely mad that I had to stay at work ...

Well I still ended up getting my brother ... and getting my prescription filled at wal-mart before the pharmacy closed ...

LUCKILY, I Re-hired one of the girls that worked for me at christmas, so she knew how to sell and be left alone so I could take  a break ..

I told her I was really sorry, but I HAD to take a break, it was her first day back and I had to leave her so I could run to wal-mart and get my medicine ....

well I kept calling her and making sure she was alright ..

she says to me, "Theresa! I can handle this! Stop calling me, I'm fine! Don't worry about it ... I understand!"

I felt so bad ... I could not just leave for the night though, because she never closed the store though as a level of management so she had NO CLUE what to do with the register ...

So that's why I just took a break and came back!

In the middle of the day Kori called me to see how my day was going .. I told him it was not so hot!

He had a bad day the day before (thursday) and I feel like it was my fault ....

so when I got done getting ready for work, before I left I took a picture of me blowing him kisses and texted it to him!

That was the main reason he called me at work ...

He called to say thank you and he really liked it, it made his day ...

he said that made his day start off good!

I thought I would share the picture with you too ...

It's cute! :)


I also said in the text ... "I'm blowing you kisses and hoping today is better for you! :)"

So overall ....

it was a rough start but I made it out okay!

And I am still smiling!



I CAN DO THIS STRUGGLE! : 4,000 Graphics and Pics : 4,000 Graphics and Pics

Thursday, March 8, 2007


So I got my new desk delivered yesterday ....

but RIGHT after it got delivered I had to go to work ...

then I opened today .. so after work I came home and put it together ...

here are pictures of it!

I am so excited ..

No more sitting on the floor ...

that's the main reason (besides the computer working when it wants too) I have not been to all of your journals, I could not STAND sitting on the floor ...

Everything in my body would hurt from it!

anyhoo ...

here ya go ....



Can ya tell I had to go straight to work after putting it together?

I had to e-mail my boss ....

not one not  two but THREE E-mails!

Yet another one of the beauty! :)


and here is an added extra ...

There is ME!


Looking good as usual ...

that's my new motivational saying ...

as you can see,

I am trying to have more self confidence ...

I have been VERY conceited lately ...

don't know if that's a good or bad thing ..

but I'm happy!

And NO ONE can take that from me!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Burn Pictures!

Ok so I took pictures of my burn and I wanted to share with you my pain!

Everyone keeps laughing at me and making fun of me!

They think it's funny ...

I don't find it funny ......

It's not like I was being stupid ....

I burnt my face and it hurts like HELL!

I keep forgetting to put a bandage on it at night so I rub it and I wake up and it's all red and sore!

Kori came over today before I went to work and was looking at it, and he didn't make fun of me, he just looked at it and said that he could tell it hurt!

I said it does and it keeps drawing attention!

Attention that I don't want!




I threw the last one, just cuz we need at least one good one! :)

the Rest Of The Pics I've Been Promising!

Here are the random pictures I wanted to share ....

Here I am just chillin on my couch!

Here I am just being straight sexy, chuckin up the dueces! I'm dumb! LOL!


Here I am being damn sexy!


Just chillin! Looking Good!


Dejya modeling her cute outfit she wore just for my house warming party .... that NO ONE came to ... cuz it snowed! 


The boys tied her nylons around her hands and feet and here Dejya is trying to get away!


Lisa & the kids playing!


The kids playing with Hunter's X-Mod and watching tv

This is a picture of the snow (on the day of my house waming party) taken from my patio!

Here is another one! This would be perfect if it didn't have the dumpsters in it! :)


This is yet another one ... snow is pretty but I still hate living with it!


Here is Hunter the night before my house warming party (He spent the whole weekend over at my apartment, he will be every other weekend now, me and my mom's fiance discussed it will help Hunter alot cuz he can have time away from my CRAZY mom). Anyhoo, the snow had been melting for days and because it was still cold all it did was make the melted snow turn into ice so the snow is hard and you can slide right acrossed it. Hunter was having fun sliding down the hill at the elementary school behind my apartment! (look familiar Angela?)


I went to take a picture of him as he was walking up the hill and just as I snapped it he fell! :) I was DYING of laughter!


Here he is after he fell he sat there for a min. he had his x-mod in his pocket, he said it hurt but surprisingly the car did not break!


Here I go getting ready to attepmt the same thing he had been doing!


And here is the result .... I fell right on my ass and slid the whole way down! I tried this several times but could not master what my brother had been doing ... so No it is NOT as easy as it looks!


Here I was cooking dinner for my brother!


Just looking cute in my room!


Here I am sexy head 2 toe!


Just plain pretty!


Dontae had made this gingerbread cookie (it was supposed to be a house, but that's a long story), he made this at his godparents house ... he told Lisa he wanted me to have it ... so she gave it to me but I was so sick that I could not bear to eat the sweets so I took a picture of it to remember it and show all of you! I felt so bad throwing it away, by the time I got better it was so hard and no good!

Well I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!


Oh, I will post a picture of my burn tomorrow .. it looks really bad


I had fun taking them!