Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Burn Pictures!

Ok so I took pictures of my burn and I wanted to share with you my pain!

Everyone keeps laughing at me and making fun of me!

They think it's funny ...

I don't find it funny ......

It's not like I was being stupid ....

I burnt my face and it hurts like HELL!

I keep forgetting to put a bandage on it at night so I rub it and I wake up and it's all red and sore!

Kori came over today before I went to work and was looking at it, and he didn't make fun of me, he just looked at it and said that he could tell it hurt!

I said it does and it keeps drawing attention!

Attention that I don't want!




I threw the last one, just cuz we need at least one good one! :)


therealslimemmy said...

awww make sure you put tons of neosporne on that before bed with a bandaid or i think it might scar!!!
looks so painful
dont forget about the bandaid
<3, em

my3gifts said...

Cover a bandage with neosporin every evening or while you're at home, so it'll heal and not leave a scar. (I have a scar from a curling iron burn on my forehead that I did in high school...it looked a lot like yours does).