Saturday, March 3, 2007

Here Are The Pictures!

This is the couch!


This is the Loveseat


This is the couch and loveseat!


This is the tv stand!

The doorway and beginning of the living room (there is a closet there too)


This is my dining room table



More of the bathroom

the doorway going into the bathroom


I love the decorations on top of my little medicine cabinet so i had to show you all! :)



This is my bed! :) It is comfy!

That is my bedroom window!

this is a painting I got one year at the mall from a seasonal painting store, I had to have it, I waited all season long to debate if I wanted it, then on the last day of the store being open it was on a really good sale, it ended up being ALMOST $100, it was originally $300!

This is part of my SMALL kitchen (I don't mind it being small b/c it's not like I am going to be chilling in there, I am in there to get food and drinks or make food and that's it)

There is the rest of the kitchen!


Ok I threw in a bonus!

Blowing you kisses! :)


This is true beauty!


Just me looking sexy! (this is actually the outfit & day that I met Kori, funny ... I took this picture before I went to work and I met him later that night while I was working so no I did not take the picture b/c of him!)


I hope you all love the pictures!

I have more pictures to share later but I really got to start getting ready for work and call Kori! :)


z7snowflake said...

Love the pics girl. thanks for sharing...can i get a pic with my next letter please

therealslimemmy said...

i love love love your place everything looks so cute!!!
i miss living alone someitmes i used to have all the fun girlie stuff like you
now that tonys here i try and sneak in some girlie stuff while hes not paying attention but i do try and keep it gender neutral i guess you could say
love the pictures of you :)
now that your camera is fixed we need to have pictures on a reg

my3gifts said...

Your apartment looks really cute!!!

bhbner2him said...

Looking good!!  -  Barbara

misscarberry said...

I love your place, you have so much cool stuff, and I adore your shower curtain!
Love Sam xXx

tristannmbr2 said...

Awesome apartment and love your stuff!  Very girlie which I LOVE!  :)  Very nice pictures!  Thanks for sharing and you are just the cutest!
Hugs, Vicky