Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Whole New Life! :)

Well I know I have been gone for quite some time!


My computers were not working AGAIN!

The one is fixed and the other I was told I should just throw it away!

Well a lot has changed since my last entry!


As you know I had already gotten my couch and loveseat ...

since then I have gotten my bed and I FINALLY found a desk and new computer chair that I liked tonight!

My apartment is starting to look more like a home!

I started talking to a new guy!

His name is Kori!

He is the complete opposite of what that last jerk (you know who I'm talking about) was!

Life is absolutely amazing and I owe it all to GOD!

God has done wonders for me!

I am VERY VERY thankful!

Kori is such an amazing guy ....

he says the sweetest things to me!

He compliments me consistently!

I told him he needs to slow it down on the compliments for now b/c it's something I'm not used to and it might start going to my head, he said as long as I can still fit through the doorway and we can both fit in his car we're good! :)

I don't want to jinx myself so i will not write full details in here until I feel more comfortable!

Work has been so so!

I mean every job has its ups and downs!

But it's all good, cuz I still Love my job!

I should (cross your fingers and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray) be able to get a car by the end of the summer!


My life has really done a 360!

It's amazing!

I have pictures to post for you to look at too ....

guess what they are of .....



that's right, my apartment!

I fixed my digital camera!

All I needed to do was buy rechargeable batteries made for digital cameras!

In which, mind you, I asked my dad when he gave it to me for Christmas if I needed rechargeable batteries and he said no , just use regular alkaline batteries ... well I read the manual and it says in there NO ALKALINE BATTERIES!

So now my camera works fine!

So look for pictures coming soon!

(Maybe I'll do it right after this entry, maybe I'll do it before work tomorrow)


tristannmbr2 said...

Hey there girl!  I was thinking about you and wondering how you were.  YEAH!  You are happy!  Awesome!  Yes, God does wonders in your life always, even if/when you can't see the wonders they are there always.  You go girl with getting furniture for your apartment!  I can feel the excitement from your entry!  And I will pray that you will get a car by the end of Summer!  And Kori, um...........even the name sounds better than Mark!  lol  Best of luck in the love department, keep a guard on your heart though, don't let any guy twist it again!  
Hugs to you,

z7snowflake said...

Im glad things are going great for you. *hugs*

therealslimemmy said...

i cannot cannot wait to see pictures
i'm so happy for you!!!
<3, emily

bhbner2him said...

So glad to hear from you!  Thrilled for you in all your good news!  REading this has actually brought tears to my eyes.  God continue to bless and lead you, honey.  -  Barbara