Sunday, January 21, 2007

Funfilled Days Of Laughter And Such!

well Lisa and Dontae came over yesterday and Lisa was having a bad morning so we surprised her with the cake and she was happy!

She needed it!

So we ate cake and then Lisa took a nap and the kids and i watched tv and played games for a few hours while she slept!

Then she got up and we played games together and I cooked dinner.

Then we watched a movie and then they went home!

But as far as today goes, it doesn't look like anyone is coming over!

My one friend, Ashley, that was supposed to come over got into a huge fight with her boyfriend last night so she is staying home today!

My other friend, Annette,  got called into work, so I don't think she is coming over now!

And Nickey has not called me yet, so I don't think she is coming over now!

But it's okay b/c I will take this time and either relax or use today to go through some stuff in my bedroom!

I still have 4 days not including today left for my vacation!

So I have plenty of time to do as I please! :)

Thanx for all the kind words left in comments, I really needed that!

It made me cry!

And to answer a comment left ...

Sounds like you guys had fun - I play candy land with my five year old everyday believe me it gets old.  I love watching Deal or no Deal - is the game fun to play??  Please wish Lisa a Happy Birthday.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your company.  Leene
Comment from crewsfour - 1/20/07 12:02 PM


Yes the deal or no deal game is VERY fun! I got it at wal-mart for like $16! You just hook it up to the tv and play! It's phenomenal! :)


bhbner2him said...

So glad your vacation has gotten off to a good start!  -  Barbara

crewsfour said...

I am so glad you were able to surprise Lisa and that she was able to get some sleep, believe me thats the perfect gift to give a single Mom!!  I will have to look for the Deal or No Deal game it does sound like alot fun to play, I usually play online but that gets old fast.  I'm sorry your friends aren't coming over but I hope you have a good weekend.  Leene

eml625 said...

Its so nice to be on vacation and just relax!
Enjoy !

therealslimemmy said...

sounds like lisa had a fun day glad you guys got to have fun together!  i could use a nap maybe you could keep an eye on o sometime LOL

xxroxymamaxx said...

Every one is busy busy!  HOw nice of you to help out with Lisa's kids and let her rest.  and you made her a cake!  Great friend!  Love ya, Shelly

misscarberry said...

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Love Sam xXx