Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Life As I Know It!

So I am so sorry that I have been a stranger!

Things have been CRAZY!

Work was crazy, like every december!

Mark and I are officially NOT talking ... and yes it's is for real this time, no kidding, it's been almost a month and I DO NOT miss him!

I am so happy that he has dissapeared from this thing called life!

I have decided to live life with NO worries on men ... for at least the next year or two!

I want to be single and take care of myself and not care about making a relationship work with some guy!

Especially after what Mark did to me!

He lied to me about us being "boyfriend and girlfriend" and well lets just say I lost it and told him to never speak to me AGAIN!

And well he came crawling back a few times, once crying and saying that he was going to kill himslef, which I've heard about umm I don't know like 5 times, so I showed no sympathy, as he was only doing it because he just wanted me to feel bad and forgive him and I told him i could not do that!

What he did was the lowest thing EVER done by any human being!

And I can not stand beside someone that did such a thing to me and pretend that I am alright by it! Because I'm not! I refuse to keep letting him treat me like a piece of shit!

He told me that he couldn't be with me because of the clothes I wear, because I don't spend alot on them! Also because he was not ready for a relationship!

But than a week later I found out he was already talking to another girl ..... and she knew about me before him and I ever stopped tlaking!


~ To Mark ~~~ NICE JACKASS! You sure made me look like a fool, and I sure fell for it!


So I saw a picture of the new girl he is talking to ... and well she is DEFINITELY prettier than me! (At least I think it was her ... it was weird how I came acrossed it, I won't try to explain, it's too confusing)


But like I said it's all good, I am happy this happened! Because now I can worry just about me and my needs  ...... and hate men for a little while!

Plus I know that karma will come back to him DOUBLE and I know i will find out about it and LAUGH in his face! (HA HA HA, I know that's mean and frankly I DON"T CARE)


My apartment is coming along, slowly!

Eventually I will have everything that I need it's just hard when you really don't get paid enough to really save!

And sometimes it sucks not having a family that could give two shits about you and how you are doing!

I wish I had a family that would loan my money to get what I need and pay them back when I have it, but I don't ..... they are all money hngry and don't want to help me, besides the fact that they want to see me fail in life!

I will not! I will have a beautiful apartment if it's the last thing I get done in my life!

I will get my license and get a car!

I will be successful and my family can take NO credit for it!

I will struggle and show them that they can be mean and I can still get by .... slowly but surely!


Just one fine day and my life will be great!

I will have something to smile about! ONE DAY!

Please GOD soon though, please!


eml625 said...

That sucks your family wont help out.....
Good for you dumping him, you dont need that in  your life!

bhbner2him said...

The odd thing is, we are more often appealing to a good man, when we are busy, happy with our lives and our selves and not "looking".   Don't know all the circumstances with the folks, but no matter what thier reasons or intentions in the end you'll be a stronger person for all you are accomplishing on your own!!  I pray God rain down abundant blessings upon you in this New Year!  -  Barbara

tristannmbr2 said...

Oh wow!  You keep being strong!  You will get all those things you want and more!  Just as long as you keep believing in yourself, and that you will can have it!  And Mark will be looking at you and know he messed up bad.  You don't need that in your life and I am happy for you that it is gone.  Who needs that much negativity in ones life.  You go girl!!!!!  Karma's a BITCH, and it will get him!
Big hugs to you,

alfemale21 said...

good for you for dumping him he is a loser and like you said karma will come back around!

misscarberry said...

You do have something good, you have us! :D Don't worry about that jackass, and don't let him taint any future relationships. Definately DO NOT go back to him though, he just craves attention. And unless this girl is Angelina Jolie, she's not going to be prettier than you! Plus you have all the qualities that matter: determination, strength, intelligence, sweetness.
Love Sam xXx