Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've Been Gone For Too Long

Well I know that I have been gone for too long!

My stupid computer keeps acting up

and every time it goes through it's attitude problems it's another week before it works again!


Anyhoo, My alerts are all messed up, I guess because my inbox  got so large while I was without the Internet, so please leave me links to all of your journals so I can add you again to my alerts!

I need to get back into the habit of journaling! I miss it all!

As far as work, I finally got a full staff but now I am still working long hours due to them all being in training! My boss actually yelled at me yesterday for working all these hours and not asking other stores for help ...

I don't like asking the other stores for help because as a manager I feel like it's my responsibility to work the hours.

But Ang was saying that she does not want me to wear myself out now because the holidays are coming up and she wants me to be fully rested and ready for it!

So maybe I'll actually get my 3 days off next week, like I'm supposed to and my 40 hours (well 8 holiday and 32 working) and not have to work extra! We'll see!

As far as Mark and I ...

well, where should I start ...

I told him I didn't want to be his "friend" no more, he did not want to hear me say such a thing!

He said that he was sorry for everything that he has EVER done to me, and he did apologize BEFORE I told him that I didn't want to talk to him EVER again!

I saw a whole other side to him this past week, a side that I like and want to stick around!

Once I told him that I wasn't sure I could be the friend he is asking me to be, he started crying, and no I don't think he is doing any of this to get me to feel guilty!

I can hear it in his voice that things REALLY are rough for him lately like he says they are!

I do feel bad, but at the same time I am not going to be as nice and caring and giving like I was before all of this happened!

He has noticed that, I NEVER call or text him!

I don't even ask him to hang out! Which bothers him! I'm also not as open with him, I don't tell him everything that's going on in my life and I don't try to start a conversation, I want him to prove himself!

I told him I can not just trust him that he is really changing this time, and why should I?

he has said to me before that he was going to change and he did for a week or two, then it's back to treating me like shit! He said that without me in his life he didn't know how he was going to go on trying to be this better person that he wants to be!

He officially asked me yesterday to "DATE" him ... I didn't know what to say just because he never did the first time and now he really is showing a new side to me, he has always said about other girls being the prettiest girl in the world, he world tell me I was beautiful and my eyes were beautiful and that I had a pretty smile, but NEVER said things like I was prettier than someone else!

Well yesterday he did! I thought I was going to cry! He was telling me about some wrestler's wife and that, "she is the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth after Theresa Miller"

I melted away inside!

I really hope that change will last, because I'm going against everything I normally stand for and say ... and I decided to give him yet ANOTHER chance after I had originally said no!

but enough of me blabbing on about him!


As far as my apartment, everything is okay I guess, I still need A LOT of furniture!

I swear that I should have thrown a house warming party to get help with this stuff! But too late now and now I will have to work hard myself to get it all!

Well I guess that really is all that I have for now!


z7snowflake said...

Im glad that Mark is starting to change and he asked u to date him...woohoo! finally. I hope u get some rest time, u work too hard, lol.

crewsfour said...

I'm glad you and Mark are doing better - every relationship goes through the ups and downs.  I agree you work too hard but I'm sure the paychecks reflect it and I know being on your own can be stressful so the extra money is helping I hope.  The best place to look for furniture is at resale shops, good will or target/walmart.  Most of their stuff is fairly inexpensive.  Glad you're back - Leene

therealslimemmy said...

glad you and mark are doing better thats so cute what he said
dont wear youself out
and we still need pix of your place : /

misscarberry said...

I'm glad you and Mark are doing better than before, just make sure he keeps his act up LOL! Did you get my letter?
Love Sam xXx

bhbner2him said...

So good to hear from you!!  Your boss is right about not working yourself into the ground.  Not sure what all has transpired between you and Mark, just remember that even the foulest of fellows often go through a "honeymoon" period after they mistreat you.  Just keep those eyes open!  -  Barbara

eml625 said...

Hey there !! Glad to see your back around. Also that you and Mark are doing well....hope you had a nice Thanksgiving....
(heres my link again- stop on by !)