Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ok. So why am I blessed?

Why do you think?

I have been thinking lately!

I have so much that sometimes I take for granted!

I have ALL 5 senses in tact still, I am able to support myself, I have my own apartment, my own car, pay all my bills myself, have a wonderful support team! (friends and a few family members)

I have been through so many things since the new year, BUT God still keeps blessing me. Just when I am ready to give up, he blesses me with something else!

There is so much more that I would like to write about this and I will, just not tonight cuz I have been up since 5:30am and I want and need some rest!

I just needed to pop in and say hello and get that off my chest!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's one of those "I hate my job" days

Okay so here I am again today. Let's see if I can write in here daily!!! :)

Today I just had one of those I hate my job days!

It is all because of this story that took place Friday evening ...

Starting Thursday I starting feeling sick at payless (my second job).

It was that beginning feeling where you freeze even if it's hot and all your bones hurt in your body!

Well I ignored the feeling since I just thought maybe it was because I was exhausted from working so much and I needed sleep!

So I came home and went to sleep! I started burning up! I couldn't find my thermometer. I finally woke up a little after four and couldn't take it anymore, so I looked all over for the thermometer until i found it and my temperature was 102.4, I took Advil and went to sleep.

Started feeling better in the morning so I went to work again. Started my day at payless 9:45am-1:00pm then I started Piercing Pagoda at 1:30pm. I had a feeling the sickness was going to come back.

So I started calling people to see if they could cover my shift. I called my whole staff and 2 other stores staff. No one would come in!

I started getting really sick. When I stood up I started to shake, my face had NO color, my eyes were extremely bloodshot,my eyes would only open half way, I couldn't remember what happened 2 minutes prior, I had HORRIBLE coughing fits, runny/stuffy nose, while I talked I would start crying (not even like I wanted to, it just came on it's own), and one time I coughed so hard I threw up!

I KNEW my fever was back and there was NO way I could work the rest of my shift out, that had about 5 hours left!

I called my boss who argued with me about leaving. I told her I had no choice, I was physically UNABLE to work any longer and no one would cover my shift so I would have to close the store!

This is where she should have stepped in and took over my shift so I could go home. Instead she argued with me! I finally told her, "Look I don't know what to tell you! I know I'm not allowed to close the store early, nor do I want to but I HAVE to if NO ONE will come in! You will just have to write me up or fire me and if you do I'll be taking the company to court, cuz they can NOT force me to stay here while I am sick!"

I closed the store 1 1/2 hours early!

Went home and went to bed for 36 hours, I was only up to potty, drink, medicine, etc.

I did not eat for 72 hours, I was SO sick!

Not good I know. But I had no desire to even attempt to eat cuz everything hurt!

Well my whole point is, how am I supposed to feel working for a company and co-workers who obviously don't care about my health and illness?

Hello?? (listen as it echos)

~~ Wipes the dust off this old journal that has been sitting here untouched for about 3 months

So I am supposed to be in bed but I came to check on something and read an e-mail from a person that was a regular reader here and I was one of her regular readers.

Which reminded me that I really need to put more time back into my journals! I think of all of you often!

But now that I work 2 jobs it is hard to keep up with anything!

Alot has changed for me the past few months! I will not sit here and bore you with the details!

Major happenings: *my mom went psycho AGAIN cuz her fiance broke up with her (after 13 years) I can't say I blame the guy! She is threatening to take it to public .... UMMM everybody has had a breakup in their life, the public really will not find that story so appealing! What you think?

* I started and stopped selling partylite candles .. all within a month, it was just not for me! I felt like I had no support from the consultant who signed me (my boss from pagoda)

* My mom has told my brother he is not allowed to talk to me anymore!

* I having problems with my ex best friend who owes me $253.11

* I have went to visit my dad in Ohio (I drove)

* Went to visit my best friends family in North Carolina (I drove)

There are many other things but I'll leave it at that for now!!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone!!

I miss you all!!  (whoever still has me on alerts)

Here are a few pics of me recently




Pouty lips with the curls!!


Shopping at the mall in North Carolina (the date on it is wrong, I got a new digital camera & didn't know how to change the date yet lol, it was just last weekend, february 9th)


Mommy And baby head to head for kisses! He usually puts his head down like that for "head kisses" but I had lip gloss on so I didn't want to kiss his head and come up with a mouth full of cat hair EWWW!! :(