Monday, February 18, 2008

Hello?? (listen as it echos)

~~ Wipes the dust off this old journal that has been sitting here untouched for about 3 months

So I am supposed to be in bed but I came to check on something and read an e-mail from a person that was a regular reader here and I was one of her regular readers.

Which reminded me that I really need to put more time back into my journals! I think of all of you often!

But now that I work 2 jobs it is hard to keep up with anything!

Alot has changed for me the past few months! I will not sit here and bore you with the details!

Major happenings: *my mom went psycho AGAIN cuz her fiance broke up with her (after 13 years) I can't say I blame the guy! She is threatening to take it to public .... UMMM everybody has had a breakup in their life, the public really will not find that story so appealing! What you think?

* I started and stopped selling partylite candles .. all within a month, it was just not for me! I felt like I had no support from the consultant who signed me (my boss from pagoda)

* My mom has told my brother he is not allowed to talk to me anymore!

* I having problems with my ex best friend who owes me $253.11

* I have went to visit my dad in Ohio (I drove)

* Went to visit my best friends family in North Carolina (I drove)

There are many other things but I'll leave it at that for now!!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone!!

I miss you all!!  (whoever still has me on alerts)

Here are a few pics of me recently




Pouty lips with the curls!!


Shopping at the mall in North Carolina (the date on it is wrong, I got a new digital camera & didn't know how to change the date yet lol, it was just last weekend, february 9th)


Mommy And baby head to head for kisses! He usually puts his head down like that for "head kisses" but I had lip gloss on so I didn't want to kiss his head and come up with a mouth full of cat hair EWWW!! :(


therealslimemmy said...

good to see an entry from you!
gosh you even sound busy busy!
loved the pics esp the pouty one with curls too cute!
have a good week
update more often too, sheesh! we miss ya girl!

kaycarberry said...

It's good to see you back again! I've missed you! I was thinking that I need to put more effort into my journal again, seems like having a life has been getting in the way of my internet time LOL!

Love Sam xXx

tristannmbr2 said...

HEY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have miss you!  I think about you so often and was just wondering what you have been up too!  Sounds like a lot has happen to you!  Just as long you are happy and doing good though!  Of course I have you on alert still!  I knew one day you would be back!  :)  lol  How did the visit to your dad's go?  And you drove all the way to North Carolina!  WOO HOO!  That is big for ya!  You go!  :)  Hopefully your ex best friend will pay you back!  That is awful if she doesn't!  Blah blah blah on your moms story if she goes public!  lol  Saying that for you!  
Hugs to you and much love,