Saturday, January 20, 2007

Busy Weekend!

Well for starters thanx so much for all the kind words ...

as soon as I either fix my digital camera or get a new one, I will take pictures that all of you have been so patiently waiting for since I have moved here almost 6 months ago!

Tomorrow is my best friend, Lisas birthday! :)

Her and the kids came over last night and I cooked dinner and we baked cookies and played loads of games ....

Dejya brought over candy lane (we didn't play that), and the littlest pet shop.

Then we went to wal-mart and I bought Dontae a deal or no deal game to play on the tv ... we played that .... then I bought Dejya a littlest pet shop go fish card game ... and we played that!

We had loads of fun last night!

then I ordered a movie on digital cable ....

we got you, me, and dupree!

That movie was so funny!

Dejya spent the night ....

we got up and ate breakfast, then she played games on the tv and computer and I baked a cake for Lisa  ....

then Dejya and I will frost it and put candles on it and surprise Lisa when her and Dontae come over!

Then tomorrow I have quite a few visitors coming over!

I am so happy that my life is starting to finally come together after all my hard work! :)

Well I will try to write later tonight about how everything goes tonight!


crewsfour said...

Sounds like you guys had fun - I play candy land with my five year old everyday believe me it gets old.  I love watching Deal or no Deal - is the game fun to play??  Please wish Lisa a Happy Birthday.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your company.  Leene

eml625 said...

I'm so happy to read this !! You sound so much better than you have in the past.
Its great when everthing comes together !

tristannmbr2 said...

BIG SMILES for you!  :)  Sounds like you have a GREAT day and night!  I knew your life would get/feel better!  You have a great day with your friend Lisa, or I hope it was a great day!
Big hugs, Vicky

therealslimemmy said...

sounds like you guys had fun!
you need to hurry up and fix your digital!