Monday, March 26, 2007

Working It Out!!!!!

So I have not really updated all of you lately ....

I decided that I really have not given Kori the opportunity to prove himself to me ...

I had been really moody and pushing him away!!!!

Yet he stood by my side and called me EVERYDAY or at least text me!

Even if I didn't answer for 3 or 4 or 5 days ...

he still called!!!!

He really showed me that is he so different from the guys I am used to!

I am not used to a guy showing me how much they really care about me!!!!

I mean look at the last JERK!!!

It was always about him!

I always had to compliment him when I hardly got compliments!!!!

This is so different for me!

So anyways ....

back to the one that matters ...


I mean for him to even still try after the one day he came over and I was really rude to him, that shows me he is in the a real relationship

he has even said things about us being together! :)

I think that maybe that will happen soon!

Which makes me even happier!

He is spending the night tomorrow night, so maybe we can talk about it then!

Gosh he really has me strung I guess you could say!

And I like it :)

He brings a smile to my face like no other has!

I really enjoy his company too!

When I saw him Saturday (after us not talking for almost 2 weeks) it felt new again and I could barley look him in the face!

it was really good seeing him too

when my key sales associate came back from her break Kori and I went upstairs and took like a 15 minute break and talked, it was really nice!

I can't wait to see him tomorrow ...

I can't wait for him to put his arms around me and just cuddle

I know you all don't want to hear me talk about all this ....

so I'll end it here! :)



tristannmbr2 said...

Young love!  :)  Puts a smile on my face, especially because even though I have been married for 10 years, it still seems like yesterday we fell in love, and we are still in love!  :)  Hope everything works out with Kori!
Vicky XOXO

z7snowflake said...

aww im happy 4 u

therealslimemmy said...

aww happy for you

eml625 said...

Hey girl ! I never got this alert.... I am so happy for you.
I'm glad he makes you smile, young love is the best!
take care