Sunday, March 4, 2007

More Pictures!

Well today i took some pictures of Lisa, Dontae and I (Dejya was sleeping) ..

but I thought I would share ...


This is Dontae and I :) I love this kid!

I don't get much full length pictures of me since I usually take the pictures of me, myself!

This is THE ONLY picture I have of Lisa and I! She NEVER lets me take pictures of her! That's why when you do see one of her she is not paying attention! (BTW Her 6 year old son, Dontae took this picture, he is good at taking pictures!)

As conceited as it may sound, I don't care, I thought I looked pretty after I finished getting ready for work so I had to take a picture of myself!


I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them and sharing them!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments from the last 2 entries!

J-land always is so warming!

I love this place and can not live without it, I tried!

I hated that I couldn't be here the past month and a half!

But hey I am here now, and expect tons of pictures form me now, b/c I love taking pictures!

I still have some other pictures I want to share!

Maybe tomorrow! :)

Keep praying for Kori and I to work out!

I really need this to work out! (For a really good reason, I wish I could say but I can't, NO I'm not pregnant! LOL)


mastersblynn said...

you are beautiful!!!! xox Barbara

therealslimemmy said...

love love love all the pictures...if you arent pregnant then what is it?!?! lol!!! dont do this to us telllll us!!!
hahaha i hate secretS

tristannmbr2 said...

Awesome pictures of yourself, like I said you are the cutest!

bmorrrick said...

Your apartment looks great and you are beautiful in these pics!!  Glad things are looking up for you hon.

Take Care,