Monday, March 10, 2008

Men, Work, Friends, Brother, etc.

So my life has been having some CRAZY roller coaster moments!

I have been talking to this guy for about 3 months now ... nothing serious, just friends! We probably text once every 3 weeks!

We have recently started talking more. He told me how he wanted to make our friendship more serious, steady! He wants us to move to the next level!

Yet EVERYTIME I call he NEVER answers! Not a single time I have called him has he answered! NOT ONCE!

He was a nice guy when I first met him ... yet they always are in the beginning! Then they go sour ... at least for me they do!

I mean I am not really out there looking but I am beginning to fall back into my old thoughts "I will NEVER find a boyfriend, I'll never get married, or have kids!!!"

I am 23, which I KNOW is still young, but everyone younger than me and my age and older already has boyfriends/fiances/husbands, kids, the whole 9 yards! I am starting to feel left out! Is that so wrong of me?

I have only ever had 3 boyfriends, and my last one was 3 years ago!

I have dated 2 guys since then but that was it! Nothing serious!

I want to find the guy that I say I love you to and he says it back to me and we tell each other how much we miss each other and have been thinking of them, etc.

I just want love!!! Am I being greedy/impatient?


Work has been crazy! Good and bad! I am still looking for new employment! I am considering taking a manager position at payless!


I have been going through friends again! People seem to think I will continue to put up with their bullshit! But I won't! I am sick of people thinking I will let them walk all over me! WHAT?!?! Are you insane!

I miss my brother, SO MUCH!!! 2 days until court!!! Tuesday we go to court!


Life just seems to get crazy, then it gets good, then it gets crazy again!

I remain very very grateful for everything!!



therealslimemmy said...

good luck on tuesday!
and dont stress about the guy thing you will find someone.
trust me enjoy your "youth" LOL
it dosent come back

tristannmbr2 said...

Do not worry about love hun!  You are only 23 and love will come!  Love will appear when you least expect it, and it will be a great wonderful thing, just don't rush it ok?  Keep your focus on your career and the YOU-stuff and it will happen!  I promise!
Love ya and hugs,

kaycarberry said...

Good luck for Tuesday! I think you'll find someone, maybe now just isn't the right time with all the other stuff you have going on with work and stuff.

Did you ever get my Christmas card?

Love Sam xXx