Friday, March 7, 2008

Life as it seems

So I just had to write in here because it has been more than a week and I said I would try to stay in here on a regular basis!

Well I will give you all just a small portion of my update, cuz full version will have you here all day reading ... and I still need to get ready for work lol!

My brother had ran away and was missing for a week and a half!

He ran away because my mom (psycho as we already know) threatened to beat him so bad he wouldn't know what happened to him then she would call the cops and tell them to take him away!

So he got scared and ran away!

Funny part is that when he was missing and 2 days before he was missing I called her and asked for custody and she said to me, "Please don't take him from me, that's my baby. He is the only thing that is keeping me sane!"

UH HELLO!! You just told him you were going to beat him and have him taken away! AND you're already insane so what's the difference lady?!?!

So he was found the beginning of this week and is in lock up right now!

Hunter's probation officer (P.O.) has persuaded my mom to give me custody when Hunter gets out! However, it will ONLY be while he is on probation then he is to return to her! UNLESS I fight her for custody, which I have all intensions to!

I want him to have a bigger better future! Which I don't feel that he can have living with her and her recently ex-fiance and his new girlfriend and her kids!

Yea my moms ex-fiances house sounds like a soap opera or reality show! DISGUSTING!

I did go visit my brother alst night and he was very happy to see me, he had NO idea I was coming! I came around the corner and he was sitting on the bench (it was in their lunch room, so it was on one of those benches in the lunch rooms in high school lol) and when he saw my face he started smiling!

I love my little brother so VERY much! I love him as if he was my own child! I have taken care of him a lot while we were growing up!


I am looking for a new job!

I am looking for a new apartment (b/c of my brother)

I guess that is really the small update .. and I really need to get ready lol!!


kaycarberry said...

That's so good of you to want to take care of your brother. I want my brother to come and live with me, but at the moment that is not possible cause I'm still stuck with Chubb's parents.
Love Sam xXX

my3gifts said...

Praying for you as you take this new step, it's quite a feat when you're helping to raise a child and I will be praying for you hon.

God Bless

therealslimemmy said...

gosh your mom. i really and happy that your brother has someone like you
i hope everything works out with that the new job hunting and apartment

tristannmbr2 said...

You FIGHT GIRL!!!!  Your mom does not deserve your brother!  She will just hurt him physically and emotionally!  Good luck in court and I will be praying for you and your brother!  Let me know what happens ok?  Love ya and huge hugs to you!