Thursday, June 1, 2006

Stressed Beyond Belief

Today started off good

we never did go to breakfast though, which I was really looking foward too ... oh well!

I went to my little man's graduation .... (well not technically mine ... as you all know I don't have any kids .... I just claim my friends)

it was really cute!

Only 3 of the kids in his class graduated,

some of them were still too young to move onto kindergarten!

After the graduation ceremony there were refreshments back in his classroom .....

Dontae goes to the preschool that is inside of a high school ....

Oddly enough it is the SAME high school that I graduated from ...

AND I was in child care so I was one of the student teachers in the SAME preschool ...

AND if that's not weird enough,

I was a student teacher there when Dontae's sister was in the preschool ....

YEA! Weird huh?

Then 2-3 years after Dejya graduated from the preschool I started working with her mom!


Anyways, so going there today brought back MANY memories!

I got to see my two teachers ....

they are always so excited to see me whenever I was there with Lisa to drop Dontae off ...

and they were EXTREMELY excited to see that I came today to see the graduation ceremony ...

Mrs. Kohl said, "I was hoping you would come today, but I didn't think you would be able to!"

I told her that orginally I was to work, but now that I do the schedules, I changed them around JUST so I could have off today to see him graduate!

It was sad in so many different perspectives

1. Dontae graduated and is now on to the BIG BOY school
2. I won't be able to see my old teachers as much anymore (I can go back and visit but it will not be as often as I got to see them now because of Dontae going to school there)
3. My high school is being remodeled and they are tearing down the preschool part and redoing it, so it will not be the same the next time I do see it!
4. I sat in the library part to eat our refreshments and it reminded me SO much of when I went there .... and how now I don't talk to ANY of the girls that I was in class with .... we kept in touch for a long time afterwards but I got into disagreements with all of them about one thing or another ... except ONE which I told mrs. banks today that I miss her VERY much! And another one of them just sent me a wedding invitation for her wedding this month (that's a another story for another time)
5. It reminded me that I graduated FOUR years ago already! I feel like I just graduated last year! HONESTLY! (my 5 year is next summer .... if my class president organizes something ... who knows with her)

So my morning was FANTASTIC!

after we left the school we went to the mall and Dontae's dad was spending all kinds of money on him because it was "HIS BIG DAY"

Donate got 2 pairs of sneakers and some sweat bamds from FOOTLOCKER, another pair of sneakers & 2 hats from FINISH LINE ... then we went to Toys 'R' Us and he got 3 gameboy games and 4 action figures ....

his dad was even thinking about getting him the XBOX (not 360) but Lisa and I told him that was kind of a big thing to be getting today, that it was more of ax-mas gift (Especially since Dejya would have been SO jealous)

Then I came home and I have just been thinking about how my life really STINKS in SO many areas!

I am not blaming it on anyone else either,

because ONLY I am responsible for my actions and my life is what I make it!

I have just been down the past 2 days and I HATE being down!

I think I have TOTALLY pushed Mark away from me ...

and honestly I really think that is a GOOD thing!

How sad is that?

The song Letoya Luckett "torn" reminds me SO much of how I feel about Mark!

(you can go see that AMAZING video here)


Lets see what else did I want to write ....

oh I bought a new bathing suit yesterday ....

and I NEVER spent this much on a bathing suit, but I really liked this one!

Can you guess how much I spent on it?



I know crazy Huh?

But I will get an additional 10% off of that on sunday, Lisa paid for it with her stuff and she has a coupn for sunday to get 40% off and she is going to take her receipt back and get a price adjustment! So it will come out to about $45!

Which is still a lot, but I really reallylike it ...

it does not show my FAT stomach at all!

It is like a tank top and the bottom piece has a skirtaround it so it covers part of my fat thighs!

I will have to take a picture and post it ....

NO the picture will NOT be with it on me ....

I HATE the way I look in ANY bathing suit ...

so there is NO way I am putting it in here!


Yesterday Lisa and I went to Lancaster after we dropped Donate off at school ...

I had money saved up to get a nameplate,

so I got one with Tinkerbell on it, and behind my name it has black rubber (to help it from bending) with multi-colored glitter in it ....

 I go to pick it up the 12th ....

I am SO excited! :)


I guess that's all I have for now

Have a great night everyone

(what's left of it anyway)


z7snowflake said...

Im sorry that you feel like that, I feel the same way about my body. I gotta do soemthing about it/

linnpooh said...

{{{Theresa}}} I wish you felt better about are a beautiful young woman. Get up each day and celebrate who you are and what you have been blessed with.....the way we think is usually the way we feel. You're fabulous....don't forget it!

Pooh Hugs,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Aww that is so sweet of you to go to the preschool graduation.  I just love those things.  Sorry you are having a hard time with the relationship with Mark.  We go through so many changes in our lives.  This is just one of them.  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

eml625 said...

I loved watching my kids graduate from pre-school. How special you got to be there !!!
hope your feeling better .

therealslimemmy said...

glad you made it to the graduation.
plus its always neat to see your old school!
hope you are feeling better

bhbner2him said...

Very happy for the Big Man on Campus!!  Hey, if you really like the swimsuit and feel good in was worth it.  You have to splurge on yourself every now and then.  Maybe you ought to put some feelers out and try to contact a few of those old girlfriends you lost contact with.  I did not follow up and keep in touch with my friends very well past high school.  And now, I regret it.  -  Barbara