Thursday, July 19, 2007

Being A Manager S&*@%!

So I have to have a mandatory store meeting every year for re-training of how to pierce ears!


Not a problem ... at least there never was before!

Then came today!

I planned a meeting and someone has a problem with it!

She don't like the time cuz she has to get up early!

Uh it's the same time as if she had to open on any other day!

So what's the problem?

I have no idea!

She tried guilt tripping me and saying how she has to get up early and has to travel!

Uh, not my problem you choose to transfer, you knew you would have to travel!

I do appreciate her, but I am sorry I am the manager and this is all I could do!

I have to have the meeting by a certain day and she knows that!

We canceled last weeks meeting because she was out sick!

So don't try guilt tripping me!

I'm not the one for that crap!

I have done plenty of things I didn't want to when I was the key sales and assistant manager ... it's what happens when you are not the manager!

When you work hard and have been there as long as I have then maybe you can earn the title and rights I have!

But until then I am YOUR boss and we do things my way!

Not saying I never do things to accommodate them, cuz believe me I do!

I worked two 12 hour days this week to accommodate them, one was sick saturday and the other couldn't come in so I stayed open to close .... then yesterday one had to get surgery and the other one had plans so I stayed open to close again!

Yet I am to feel sorry becasue you have to come to work for a 8 and a 1/2 hour shift?

UH sorry NO!

I don't feel sorry!

I just worked a 48 hour week!

So no I don't feel sorry!

My boss got up at 5:30 the past two mornings (and didn't even get home til 8:30pm yesterday) so she worked more than me and she is not complaining!

It's the job we choose!

This job did not come knocking on our door, we went and looked for it!

I am sick of this crap!

I feel like no matter what I do for my staff I can't seem to please them well enough!!

I'm sorry I am poor and can't run contest and such like I should and want to!

I'm sorry I am not PERFECT!

I'm sorry I am not like your old boss (which BTW got fired) and is loaded (humm, wonder why) and could do whatever you girls wanted!

I'm sorry she didn't care about the policies like I do!



mrscammoman316 said...

Wow I can't believe that person is acting like that? Especially since it hasn't been very long since she transfered there. I hear ya on being a manager, it definately has its downs. And no you won't ever make everyone happy, and you always end up taking the blame for stupid chit. I know its sucks.

z7snowflake said...

im sorry ur workers are giving u a hard time

tristannmbr2 said...

Calm down girl!  It is ok!  Boy you are heated huh?  Yes they chose the job they are doing now so, well sucks to be them if they are that miserable.  Got to do what you got to do!  I wouldn't feel sorry either!
Hugs to you!
Vicky  XOXO

therealslimemmy said...

i would take her job she should be grateful she has one
and has people who work over like you guys for her childish work ethic

eml625 said...

I hear the same stuff from my sister who works retail. It's hard, but it's their choice to do. If she cant handle it, show her the door !!!
You sound like a cool boss, I would love to work for you !
be well