Thursday, May 25, 2006

2 more days!


Then Angela will be back and in full effect!


I am super excited ..... can ya tell? :)


N E Ways .....

on to other things that are more important .....

let's see .....

I got a bonus pay on my check today ...

which means an extra $200 to save!


SO I was thinking ....

If I save $300 the next 3 paydays ...

I can move out in about 2 months!


I am so happy about that!

Lisa and I can not wait until i get my apartment for a few reasons ....

1. I'll have MY OWN place .... finally!

2. We can not wait to decorate it! We have been seeing some REALLY cute things!

3. I promised her when I got my own place that the first weekend I would watch her kids .... so she could have some time to herself .... she has been waiting for this .... don't get me wrong she loves her kids to death and does A LOT for them ... but she raises them by herself ... well with the help from her mom who also babysits them when she is at work ... but the dad is hardly EVER around to see them ... he is a real JERK .... but anyways, she still needs time to herself at some point ... and I love her kids like their my own and they love me so I thought this would be a great idea ... I even told her they can stay whenever they want! :)

4. I will be such a happier person!


Please pray to help me from wanting to buy things! I am trying so hard!

I have been trying to stick to the necessities and that's it ... but I will be honest I splurged today and got 3 shirts on sale at Lane Bryant and I picked up my toe ring layaway at my store! :(

But I think that's ALL I'm allowing myself this payday!

I hope I can keep this feeling of not wanting to shop!

I really do!


z7snowflake said...

thats great that Angela will be back in 2 days. Good luck on saving money and getting your apartment. I know that you can do it. *Big Hug*

eml625 said...


Enjoy your weekend...dont spend money!

misscarberry said...

I'm so excited for you that you might be moving out soon! That's so sweet that you would look after Lisa's kids for her, it must be nice for her to have a friend like you! Decorating is gonna be a blast! Lots of bright colours promotes positive feng sui.
Love Sam xXx

my3gifts said...

That's great about the bonus and getting close to moving out!

therealslimemmy said...

aw man i have that shopping problem too
its awful!
stick out these last 2 days you will be fine ;)

bmorrrick said...

I know it's hard not to shop.....believe me I know! (ha)  But try to remember, the more you save, the sooner you can move out.  And.......the more you save, the more you will have to spend on your new apartment....decorating YOUR new home!!!  Hope you have a great weekend hon.

Take Care,