Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm With ALL Of You!

I have been thinking about letting mr. Mark go ....

so don't feel bad to write in your comments what you really think ...

that's what they are there for, for you all to tell me what you really think ....

don't be shy or unsure, just right what is on your mind,

I want you all to be honest with me ...

don't just tell me what you think I might want to hear,

because what I want to hear is what is the truth!

I have a headache

So I think I'm heading for bed .... I have to pull an open to close Sunday and Monday!


And then open again on Tuesday!


BTW .... Angela is back in charge .......



She did call me at the store tonight so i got to talk to her really fast because they were having trouble with her plane not being able to land!

But she is fine and I am ready to hand the region back over to her on a gold platter! :)


*update: I forgot that I got aksed by a few of you how old Mark is .... so I just wanted to add that .... he is 22!


z7snowflake said...

I think you already know how I feel, lol. But I did find out about a little tidbit that gave him half a point, so he has to do some major work if he wants things to get better. I mean I always think if I can at least see that the person is trying to change and trying to do better I can still work on it but if he is not willing to change and do better then there is nothing you can do cuz you cant have a relationship all by yourself, which u will basically be doing with him just sitting there breathing on the phone. Its only cute to listen to someone breathe when their lying next to you...otherwise, not so cute, lol. But anyway, I think he should be more honest with you and let you know whats going on in his head. I mean you cant work on something or fix something when you dont know whats wrong or why he's acting the way he is. But anyway...I think you should let him know how ur feeling and that your not going to put up with it much longer. He needs to show some type of interest in making things better or its got to end cuz you are so cool and deserve someone who's going to add to ur happiness, not take away from it. I've never met you in person but I can see how wonderful u are, he's a dummy if he doesn't at least try to fix it. But well chat more later. *hugs*

my3gifts said...

Well, I can only do this based on what you've shared and what I've read. It seems that he's strung you along, not told you where he see's your relationship going, etc. I think you have to just be completely straight with him and ask him point blank if he wants to date you or not. Don't let him play with you on this. You need to know exactly what he wants from you. If all he wants is a friend who will go and hang out, then that's fine, as long as it's something you can be happy with.
That's something you also need to decide. Can you be happy being just his friend?

It seems you both have been going back and forth, and I am curious if either of you have just outright said exactly what you want from the other? Have you told him "I want to date you". If so and he's not given you a straight answer, it's time to let him go. If you haven't, ask him.

Personally you have to be straight in your wants with this relationship. If you can't be, then it sounds like neither of you are really ready or committed to having a relationship.

therealslimemmy said...

maybe an older guy that is more mature would be a better match for you.
mark seems like a great guy but hes a headache now...imagine later!  just my advice.  usually you see the better side of a person in the begining and the "worst" comes out later!
hope you have a good day hun.
we are all here for you

misscarberry said...

It's always hard to come out and say exactly what you think about a guy someone likes but I'm just gonna come out and say it. You probably won't listen to what anyone says about the situation because the only person who can change your mind or make you listen is YOU. It seems like he's just been stringing you along, acting Mr Perfect when you're mad at him but when you're nice, you seem to get ignored. I think he just likes the attention and the drama. Sorry.
Love Sam xXx

bhbner2him said...

OH,  sweetie.  My OBgyn refused to tell me the sex of my children in ultrasound.  He said he'd try his best to get a clear view for me to look at and decide, but that he would not utter a word.  Too much fallout when he'd hazaard a guess on an unclear shot only to be proven wrong at birth.  So, all I'll say is that I only have what you have said here to go by, and usually people present the people they are dating in the best light possible to others, and even in this light, he's not looking to good all around to me.  -  Barbara

bmorrrick said...

Hi Hon,

You already know what I think....probably gave ya more advice than you wanted to hear, huh? (ha)  You know, deep down, what is best.....just go with that.  Your intuition will let you know what's best for you.

Take Care,

eml625 said...

I did feel bad about saying that... I remember what it's like to be young and in love, but that's just it, your young and there are plenty of guys out there !!
Your a smart, beautiful young woman!!

linnpooh said...

I think that any relationship that brings you pain and conflict isn't good. That's not how it is supposed to be and truly not how love feels. I think you know that deep down inside and when it is will do what is right for you.

Pooh Hugs,