Monday, July 17, 2006

What A Surprise!

I am sitting here in a good mood ... why you ask .... well I had a visitor today at work .... can you guess who it may have been?



Mark! I almost fell over, because the last time I saw him was last Sunday when he said we should just be friends!

May I add that since Mark and I talked this past Thursday, things have been GREAT!

I just wish we could have been this open with each other in the beginning ....

but all that matters is that we are open with each other now and it is working so well!

We talk a lot more now too!

I always get this giddy little feeling when we are talking, just knowing that we tried to make this work, and we are back on the track on "talking" and it feels wonderful inside!

I can not believe that until this day I still do not regret going against what I said I would not do ...

I do not regret calling him at 2 in morning on Friday to talk about things and start all over again!

I am happy to see that for a change me expressing my feelings to a guy has actually helped and not made things worse!

I am thankful that God has given us another chance and that Mark and I are taking it more seriously then the last time!

I am EXTREMELY happy that we can say what is on our mind to each other and not be scared of hurting their feelings!

Because we have learned to take each other's criticism very well ...

we know that it is only being said to help us improve ourselves!


btw ....

the date we were to have yesterday .... we did not go because he didn't have any money and neither did I ....

I take all my money after I pay my bills and hand it over to my best friend Lisa for saving!

But he left it up to me whether we were going to do something or not .... and I thought it was best that we just hold off until we have money!

But life is GREAT for me right now and I am simply loving it! :)


therealslimemmy said...

aw yay i'm so happy for you!
i need to do that money handing over thing!
<3, emily

bmorrrick said...

Hi Theresa,

Catching up on alerts's so good to see you happy and enjoying life in general.....hope things work out between you two!

Take Care,