Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I miss my baby already

So when I came home from work yesterday there was a bulletin that they were cleaning our filters this week!


So Lisa called me last night and we caught up on what has been happening in our lives!

I told her about the sign and asked her if she would take Cookie again for a few days!

Of course she did.

She came at 9 this morning to pick him up ...

my baby ...

I miss him already and he just left not even a hour ago!

I keep thinking I hear his bells!

He will be at her house for a few days!

I kinda hope I am home when they come to change the filters (for a few reasons).

first because I need them to look at my bathroom ceiling

and I don't want them freaks up in my house while I am at work!

anyhoo back to cookie ...

He did not want to get into his carrier either this morning ...

I should've recorded it ...

it was funny as hell.

He was trying to worm outta my hands then he would curl his back and try to slip away!

Then when I put his two front paws together and tried to put him in the carrier he would arch his back and force himself away from the carrier!

Lisa was sitting on my bed laughing at me!

I was giving him so many kisses and telling him to go into the carrier ...

I told him I loved him so much and how much I was going to miss him ...

nothing was helping!

After I finally got him in .... (Lisa stood the cage up and I put him in that way)

I put some treats in his cage with him and he just left them lay on his back (I threw them in from a hole that is on the top)

He has been at Lisa's house before!

He went there the last time they came to change the filters!

Well I guess I bored ya enough with my cat drama! LOL!!!! :)

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mrscammoman316 said...

Awww honey I know that had to be hard for you. you must be so lonely already poor thing. Well hopefully the pricks come soon so you can get him back! Love ya lots!