Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well as much as I don't want to do this,

I have to!

As I am cleaning today I am finding a lot of things left behind from my brother!

He has a cell phone hidden under my couch (Probably stolen)

Trash on my patio hidden under a trash bag I had sitting out there (when our dumpster's are full if we take a bag down and it is found on the ground we get fined for it, so we are supposed to leave it on our patio until the dumpster's are emptied ... ewwww)

My patio is TRASHED!!!

There was all kinds of trash laying on my floor in the living room/dining area!

He didn't clean up after himself at all.

He stole from me about a month ago!

He lies to me all the time!

He leaves my apartment and plays with one of the boys that lives in the complex and doesn't listen to me when the kid is over.

And when I go to work I leave my keys here as I won't need them at work ... and that way he can ride his bike while I am at work ... BUT he knows when I get off and when I will be home ... so he decides he will leave, lock the apartment and make me wait outside of my own apartment too! 

He is CONSTANTLY with this boy ... never just spending time here in my apartment!

He brakes my things.

He just straight out does whatever he wants when he wants!

I have tried to accept that he is a teenager and they do these things ...

but he is NOT my responsibility and I can't handle all of these things!

He disrespects me and my neighbors ...

I am afraid that he will get me kicked out of here ...

then what will I do?

I will have NOWHERE to go!

So I only have one solution ...



nightmaremom said...

oooooooh I'm so sorry it has come to this, but you need to make sure you are ok.  Haven't been reading long, but where are parents?  

mrscammoman316 said...

Wow, I can not believe it got that bad that fast with Hunter, it goes to show that he can't handle a little bit of freedom. It's a shame because now that boy is gonna suffer at home. Maybe he needs to go to Military school or a group home or something like that but if his behavior continues he'll be in jail before he's 18. So sad sorry to hear this.

misscarberry said...

Little Brothers suck some times, and it doesn't seem like they listen at all. You should only have him over for a few hours for a meal and then pack him off home again.
Love Sam xXx