Thursday, May 17, 2007

More pictures ... and anniversary

First off I will share a few more pics of me living life the past few months ..

Just some of my fav pics of me :)

Yes Jess ... tell your husband I KNOW I am vain and I don't care LOL

I love what GOD has given me :)~


The date on this is actually supposed to be 4/9/07 .. my camera was messed up lol!

This was me after working two 12 hour days back to back .... I must say, as conceeded as it may sound, I still look good even after all those long hours back to back!

And now for the anniversary ...

does anyone know what anniversary I am talking about??????

I know one of my readers knows (JESS, hugs to ya .. I love ya)

Well I will not get mad if you don't cuz I didn't even realize it until my BFF told me on the phone yesterday!

Today is this journals 1 year anniversary ...

in honor of that I have a few entries I want to post here to show the things the past year has brought for me and how far I have come!

Have fun either running down memory lane or if you are fairly new here then have fun reading through my past :)

Thanks for all the support all of you have brought for me the past year ...

I am VERY VERY serious when I say if it was not for all of your support here I probably would NOT be where I am today!

I needed someone (or someone{S}) to talk to and all of you took me in and held me under your wing and guided me intot the right direction!

I thank god and all of you for that :)

One weird situation with a guy I thought meant the world to me

The day I brought a family member to J-Land

Dontaes graduation

My first hiring escapade

Medical Disaster

PSHYCO Incident

1 year death anniversary

Searching for an apartment


Serious about letting him go

Moving On



More furniture/New life


Never happened house warming party

Starting fresh

New love???

Reality check


Ok there is quite a few there ..

but to me they were the worst and the best times of the past year that I had to go through to make it where I am today!

I hope all of you enjoy going back into to my past as I did searching for which entries would win the spotlight!!!!


mrscammoman316 said...

Yes, ladies & gentleman I am the 1st to comment on my BFF's journal entry, know it & learn it lol let me stop. Anyways all I have to say is Theresa, my girl, my sister, my best friend. Look at what you have overcome! Look how strong it made you! All this reminising should make you damn pround of yourself b/c I surely am. Who know you would have turned out to be such a wonderful, loving, caring, compassionate, intelligent, special woman! I love you.....

misscarberry said...

Happy anniversary!
Love Sam xXx

therealslimemmy said...

yay happy 1 year i know im late but better late than never right? i was out of town and just now trying to catch up
love the pics