Thursday, May 24, 2007

No cat = No sleep

Well as some of you (OK apparently just Jessie) know Cookie has gone over to my best friends Lisa's house for a few days!

My apartment complex is cleaning filters this week, so Cookie had to take a vacation LOL!

Well as dorky this may sound, and I don't care ...

I can not seem to get any sleep without my baby here!

I miss incredibly bad!

I know he is just a cat ...

but you have no idea what it is like to have no family which = no love (except your few friends)

My cat is like my child!

So not having him here to cuddle with me at night is so weird.

I miss that as soon as I get home from work he runs and gives me kisses!

And if I cry he is there to comfort me .. LITERALLY ...

my cat is a very intelligent cat.

A lot of people make fun of me for the way I love my cat and because I "Talk to him like he is a dog!"

But my cat is very intelligent .. so therefore I talk to him as most would say "like a dog or child" because I KNOW he understands me.

If he is somewhere he is not to be all I have to do is give him a look and maybe a snap of a finger and he is gone!

I usually don't have to pick him up to put him in my bedroom when I leave for work!

All I have to do is go in the bedroom and he'll come in ...

sometimes I have to sit on the bed and he'll come right in ..

and there are a few times where I might have to make a kissing noise and tell him to come give mommy kisses before she leaves for work and he comes in!

But he listens very well!

I am not saying he don't act out ..

he is a cat and he is bad every now and then!

Sometimes he likes to wait to 4:30am to play with his catnip pouches!

Oh yea ... and I have a old man that lives under me that randomly slams shit and yells "GOD D*** IT!" and when he does it once he'll do it that whole day and sometimes night!!!!

So I try to get Cookie to settle when it is that late (or shall I say early) and sometimes he wants to play so bad that I will have to close my bedroom door so he will lay down and go to sleep!

But I guess I bored you enough!

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mrscammoman316 said...

I can't hate, how many times have you told me to stop talking about my kitty since we got her so I understand, all except the sleeping part, ya freak lol just kidding I totally understand! Love ya!