Friday, June 1, 2007

Cookie is home & I miss Kori!


Cookie came home today!!!

Lisa called and woke me up at 8 o'clock (literally on the dot) this morning to see if I wanted her to bring Cookie home after she dropped her kids off at school and before she had to be at work!

I said absolutely, I miss my baby!

He was gone for a week and a half!

You can call me corny and weird if ya want, I don't care ...

but my cat is SO human like!

He listens like a kid, so I talk to him like a kid.

I am really close to my cat.

He lays with me when I cry and gives me kisses!

He lays on my lap while I sit on the couch and watch TV.

He comes RUNNING to bed when I go to lay down for the night ... he cuddles up to my shoulder and he purrs crazily and we go to sleep!

Then he is there in my face first thing in the morning!

He is so much more than a cat!

I know people are a lot closer to their dogs than cats, but not me.

I think I am so close with my cat because I don't have kids or a family!

I don't care what people say about me being this way towards my cat!

I could care less what people say or think of me ...

and believe me it took me a long time to get this way about anything! (meaning what people think of me)



Kori was supposed to come see me yesterday but he had some MAJOR problems he needed to take care of so I didn't get to see him!

I missed him so much I cried a few times last night ...

just thinking about him made me cry!

I have been crying a lot lately too ...

I don't know why ..

not that I don't feel as strongly about him or anything else I may be crying about ..

I just am not sure if there is also something wrong with me!

Well anyways, then Kori was going to try to come see me today before I had to go to work ...

well that didn't happen either!

I miss him more than any words can say!


misscarberry said...

So how are you and Kori getting on? Are you guys serious?
Love Sam xxx

z7snowflake said...

nothings wrong with u hurts when u miss someone that much

mrscammoman316 said...

Honey Bunny, I think things will be better for you when you & the doc talk if you know what I mean. I don't want to be putting your business all out there like that. And as for cookie, girl I understand why you miss him so much & talk to him, its all good. Don't worry if Kori thinks you are kooky he still cares about you regardless. And speaking of Kori I really hope he comes over today and y'all go and do something. Not that I don't enjoy talking to both of you when he comes over but y'all need to get out & go on real dates!! I think that will help progress things. I love ya!