Thursday, June 14, 2007

This time it is for real!

even though the last time was a serious mistake ...

this time it's not!!!

Kori's "GIRLFRIEND" called me this morning!

The guy has lied to me about several things!

And now he is mad that I don't want anything to do with him!

He must want me to weep at his feet and tell him it's alright and we can still try to work things out!

He was living with this girl!!!!

Oh yea, but wait it gets worse!


He told me he owned his own business ... LIE!

He told me he was loaded (even though I KNEW that was a lie) ... LIE!

He told me he had four houses .... LIE!

He told me he was in part ownership of his mom's house ... LIE!

He told me that he was at Disney with his mom and 7 kids ... LIE!
(She was there with her 2 kids, it was him, his mom, her, his son, his son's sister, and his girls 2 kids)

I had a feeling for a while now that he had been lying to me and that he was cheating ... he has always been so very secretive!

Well I sure did find the truth today!

And I didn't hesitate to discard him like trash!

He came, I opened the door (on the phone so I had a witness), put my hand out said "Give me the jewelry" well he pretended like nothing was wrong and I told him NOT to come in my house or I was calling the police!

Well he wanted my phone cuz he wanted to talk to whoever it was!

So he hit me to get the phone out my hand!

then he pushed me to come in the apartment and I picked my cell phone up and called the cops!

His ass finally gave me the phone back when he realized I was serious about calling the cops ... at first he thought I was kidding then he heard me give them his information and my address and my info!

Then he was QUICK to hand me the phone back!

He was blowing my phone up and I won't answer so he finally left  a message and said his goodbyes!

He must think that if I see him in public I will say hi to him ... hahahaha WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!

I will turn my head as if I don't see him or know him and be on my merry little way!

I will be strong and move on!

I can do it!

Don't think I will sit here and mope around for some sore loser!


therealslimemmy said...

omg im so sorry but im glad you found out what an ah.
here if you need to talk

mrscammoman316 said...

I ain't even gotta say nothing cause I was the witness.

nightmaremom said...

so sorry hon.. but better to get the truth now.

misscarberry said...

Maybe that's why he didn't want you to talk about him online . . . Well, it's better to be all out in the open but you should have kicked his ass. Big style. Now he's been found as a liar, don't believe a thing he says, especially 'sorry'!
Love Sam xXx

eml625 said...

I am SO glad you found all this out. What a loser to waste your time like this. Stay strong and stay mad , it will help you get through this.

z7snowflake said...

thats so messed up, but im glad that you found out the truth