Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Random Thoughts

Well I have so so so so so so many thoughts just racing their way through my mind right now ..

1. YUMMY this mint chocolate chip ice cream is so yummy!!!

2. how come when someone ask you "how are you doing?" the answer is ALWAYS "GOOD" When you could really be going through some things!! Is it so you won't have to go through all the details, or b/c you want to seem like your life is PERFECT??? WHAT IS THE REASON???

3. Why am I so scared to try new things?? B/c I am afraid if I do it wrong I will look like a dummy!!

4. Why do friends get mad when you ask them if they are on their period?? Especially when they ask you the same question all the time when you are down and out or always crying?? I mean it is a natural woman bodily effect (I really didn't know how to put it)!!!

5. I wish that I could just punch some people in the face for being stupid, but not look like I am a constant fighter!!!

6. I wish I was at the beach right now ... BY MYSELF!!!

7. Best friends suck sometimes! (Not pointing any fingers ... so don't go getting all assumptive)

8. Life sucks BUT you have to deal the cards you are dealt!

9. Work sucks sometimes too!!!! But I love what I do!!

10. When is enough enough?? And how do you let someone know that when you say that you really mean ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

11. I wish I was a SAHM

12. Or even married

13. Heck even if I just had a kid (PLEASE NO LECTURES ... it's my life and I'll live it the way I want to ... I am 22 years old ... I am an adult and I know what is best for me ... and don't say I'm being selfish .. .cuz how would that be selfish ... I would be bringing a child in the world wanting to love them and give them anything under the sun ... is that not the same reason most of you that have kids, have kids??? (because you want to love them and you want to create a family) And please understand that when I say I want a kid I DO know now is not the time and I am not going to stop taking my pills or using protection I am just saying it is a feeling ... a feeling GOD has given me and I am trying to deal with it!!!) (Oh and I am not saying that I want to have a kid without the father in their lives because believe me I don't want my kids going through what I did as a child)

14. I gotta clean!!!

15. But I don't want to ..  I just got back from ridin Kori's FOUR WHEELER

16. I want to catch up on my DVR shows!!!

17. I want to eat a cooked meal tonight

18. But I don't feel like cooking it!

19. I love J-land

20. Especially since you all put up with my SH** so much!!!


OK I think I am done being random!!!



my3gifts said...

Sorry girl I am going to comment you at least to me alluded you want honesty from people well here it is. I didn't and most of my friends didn't have kids to give them everything under the sun. Of course I want to love them, but I knew before having children and definately since having children that they do NOT make life better and definately not easier. They are great, but they're WORK all in themselves. I know you've been around kids, but honestly so had I and A LOT of kids. My dad is # 5 out of 12 kids, I'm # 8 out of over 50 grandkids just on that side of the family...I was around babies and toddlers and kids all my life. I worked as a day care and preschool teacher before ever becoming a mom, not to mention the tons of babysitting I did growing up....but when you have a child it's 10000% different.

I don't doubt God's placed it in your heart to one day become a mom...but anyone who says a Dad is not necessary or needed is in denial. Children NEED both parents. That's how God designed us. I value my husband and value him as a father as well. It's very clear the difference in my boys when Dad's deployed. They NEED Dad. Men have different ways about them good and bad, but women do not and can not be everything to their children.

I do hope you'll stay abstinant, remainful faithful to GOD until you're married and then have a baby to bless your life.

z7snowflake said...

wow, so many thoughts. :) I often feel the same way u do, I so agree

eml625 said...

You are going to make a grea mom. Whenever it happens.
I always answer Good to that question....I think we think the person asking really doesnt want to know!!
Have a great day

mrscammoman316 said...

Wow its been awhile since I been on here, & I wasn't on the computer this morning??? Hmm don't know what to think about that, anyways I'm not going to comment on every little random thing that you wrote, just the one about me. I don't recall asking you if you were on your period, & if I did then it must have been a slip in my manners. I'm not mad at you anymore it was just the way you said it. Like you kept saying I was acting strange and then all of a sudden are you on your period. To me that felt like it was just a nicer way of saying Damn your being a bitch today wtf is the deal are you raggin it? So yes I took offense & Kori's nasty comment didn't help. But its done & over with so no biggie I just felt like I had to explain myself. Love ya lots!