Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Vaca!!!

So well my vacation started yesterday!

Well it has been okay I guess!

I mean I am not going anywhere!

But I am supposed to do something with a few of my friends ...

Lets see if they hold to it ..

I doubt 2 of them will ..

One I know will for SURE! (WAVES FRANTICALLY TO Angela .. I am so excited about our lunch and seeing the new house)

I have just been really relaxing!

I really need that!

I have been really stressed lately!

And I am really sorry I have not been to anyone's journal in like a week ... everyone was writing too much for me to keep up and I had so many alerts I just had to delete them all today! SORRY!

My moms fiance came over tonight  .... I swear he gets on my nerves sometimes really bad!!! UGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

Then he was complaining about my mom and why he never wants to be home and neither does my brother and I simply replied, "Now you see why I moved out and why when I was there I was never home either! I can't stand that woman!"

I mean I mainly moved out b/c it was time for me to grow in new areas and become a grown up!!!

Plus that house was just not healthy forme!

I am trying to get my brother to come over for a few days of my vacation .. I figured I'll be home the WHOLE time he is here so he will have to listen!! :)~

I have so much on my mind, yet can't get it to come to my fingers!?!?!

Well I guess I will end this here!

Thanks for reading and I love ya all!

Have a great rest of the evening and great weekend!


(Currently listening to ~*~*~ Hilary Duff - Stranger)


nightmaremom said...

whuuu huuuu vacations are fun!  LOL  enjoy yours and I hope you catch up with your friends.

eml625 said...

Enjoy your time off ! You deserve to relax and do nothing, I think those are the best vacations.

z7snowflake said...

hope u enjoy ur vacation

misscarberry said...

Hope you enjoy your vacation, talking of which, I just looked to see how much it would be to come visit you and it was like £400! Have you got MSN? I just got a new screen name for it.
Love Sam xXx