Saturday, June 30, 2007

Small jobs for some dough!!!

So my moms fiance called me yesterday and asked me to type up to letters onto this fire police letter head for him ..

I figured what the heck!

So I did it ...

Thinking even though there is really nothing in it for me, I have a hard time saying no ... and there have been a few times he has taken me to wal-mart for groceries!

So I typed them up in like 15 mins.

This morning he called and woke me up at 10:30 something and normally I would be getting up around that time if not sooner but i was up past 2 talking to my friend from high school ...

Anyways, back to the point ....

He called to ask me if I could type some more stuff up and I thought "Are you kidding me???"

But I said yes ..

Well he tells me the fire police captain is going to be paying me for this ...

then I thought "Ok bring whatever he needs typed over and I'll do it!"

So my moms fiance gets here this afternoon and hands me the simplest thing to type up ...

Seriously it took me like 5-10 mins.

And I got paid $20 just to typethose 3 simple papers up ... that only took me like no more than 45 mins. total!!!

I was sitting here thinking "Shoot I'll type them a monthly newsletter if they want ... what else they got .. .I could use this extra money!!!"

So there was an easy $20 and Lord knows I need all the money i can come acrossed right now!

If I ever want to get a car and my license then I need more money ...

I mean I do live on my own and I got a letter from my apartment complex and my rent is going up ....

Now it may not be going up a whole lot but still money is money for me right now!

So I have been thinking ...

I gotta call Turkey Hill monday and see if they reviewed my application and if they are hiring, if not then McDonalds is right acrossed the street from my apartment and they are hiring and I figured if I just work there 3-5 nights a week for the shift 7pm-12am (one of the shifts they are hiring for) then there is some money there coming in .... if not then I can apply at wal-mart for third shift and work like 4 nights a week!

I gotta do something here ... My job is just NOT paying me enough to be a manager!

And I really am trying to get my life in order!

So if it means wear myself out for a little while then so be it!

I gotta do what I gotta do!

I don't want to do this, but I know if I want to get anywhere in life that I HAVE to do this!

Believe me I just wish I could just FALL into a couple hundred dollars so I don't have to do this but I know I can't wait for something that just will NOT happen!

I am a grown up and I need to take care of myself cuz NO ONE else will!

OH!! And one of my friends called tonight and asked me to watch her daughter and her friends daughter for some money .. so I was like heck yea .. bring the girls over!!!

So I shall be babysitting for a little tonight!

Hey I'll be getting paid a few bucks .. and I need it!

So in conclusion ...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everyone pray for me ... pray that I can find a job and have the strength to keep up with it and that I can save for a car soon ... like before the end of november!

I NEVER ask you to pray for me (OK actually I have like 4 times at most) but I only ask when I really need it ... so Please pray for me .. I really do hate asking but I really need the strength to be able to do this ... and I know God knows this!!!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!



OH FYI: I updated my "other journals" section ... If I missed someone please let me know and leave your link with your comment! Thanks!!!


nightmaremom said...

hey sweetie.. don't over do it... but I agree you have to do something to make YOU happy.  Enjoy Sunday

tristannmbr2 said...

Of course I will pray for you!  I do hope you get your car soon!  You are right, you gotta do what you gotta do to get things in life.  God doesn't help those who don't help themselves!  And I know you have been helping yourself for some time now and God see's that, so you don't worry he has your back!  I know it!  Love and hugs!

misscarberry said...

I'll add you into my prayers, right after I ask for more money for myself! "Lord, help me and Theresa find jobs that pay us loads so we can live like princesses, oh and a few hot men. Dressed in army digs. Cheers'
Love Sam xXx

mrscammoman316 said...

Ok I'm not gonna comment here b/c I'm talking on the phone with you and I'll just ask you on there. Love ya!

therealslimemmy said...

can you share the prayers with me too ??? :)
i need to get a job myself we are barely making bills :(